Living on the West Coast of Canada I am very lucky that I can be close to nature every day. With my images I try to capture the beauty of nature to remind myself and others that the natural world is precious and fragile. The natural world deserves our protection - if we protect it today, we will be able to pass on all its wonders to future generations. Please contact me if you have any questions about my site or my images.

Greg du Toit (Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2013) on  the role of a wildlife photographer:

'The conservation value of a wildlife photograph might at first glance be subtle, but remember it is human nature to protect that which we love and appreciate. It is in our DNA, we do not need to be taught this. Every time a special wildlife photo is shared, an appreciation and love for wildlife increases. Eventually it will grow to a point where people will simply refuse to let these animals disappear.'

Here's a little bit about me : Bio

Here are some of my favourite conservation organisations:- Conservation Links

Here are some recent books and DVDs I've enjoyed :- Recommendations

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