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Who is HeatherJ?

I am a photographer specializing in images of the natural world, especially images of Canada's West Coast, in beautiful British Columbia where I live.  I love to share  stories of my subjects and behind the scenes of my photographs.

I grew up in the urban cityscapes of the UK but have always been fascinated by wildlife and nature. I adored watching nature documentaries on TV and at an early age fell in love with Sir David Attenborough, the UKs most distinguished wildlife broadcaster.

Since moving to BC in 1994, I have been lucky enough to see many spectacular natural wonders in my own backyard and my own province. From snow capped mountains, temperate rainforests covered with velvety mosses and lichens to sparkling fjords. Each environment has its own spectacular wildlife - bald eagles, bears, wolves, humpback whales, dolphins, sea lions and many more.

I also love to travel and always try to capture memorable images from many corners of the planet including  Africa, Asia , Americas,   and Europe

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